National Running Show BrickRunners


We’re proud to once again for 2022/23, team up with National Running Show to create bespoke BrickRunners for their staff, ambassadors and VIPs. You’ll have received a code, just enter it on checkout to order your National Running Show BrickRunner for FREE!

Each BrickRunner is bespoke and comes complete with branded National Running Show top and race bib! Want to add an accessory or your pet, then you can do that too! You also get your custom BrickRunner with either an extra accessory or pet.

We’ll send you an email to say hi and ask specific questions about details so don’t worry if you can’t decide right now, we’ll be in touch.

How come I only get one accessory? We’ve tried to make sure that this is fair to everyone so to ensure that everyone gets their BrickRunner as soon as possible we’ve agreed on one extra for everyone. if you want to add an extra accessory it’s just £5, this is so we can make sure we have enough time to meet your expecations 🙂

What counts as an accessory? Essentially anything that isn’t on the BrickRunner itself or that you might hold in your hand.

We do get a lot of questions about this so here are some examples of things that aren’t accessories: hats, glasses, watches, headphones, facial hair, anything that is a mobility aid such as a wheelchair, walking stick, prosthetics or an alinker.

I’m still not clear on the accessory thing: that’s cool, just drop us a message and we can answer any questions for you!

Will you share me online? We love to recognise our BrickRunners and credit your contribution to the community. Please let us know your social media handle and which platform you use so we can share your BrickRunner to promote you and the show!

I love my BrickRunner, can I get it as a canvas, mug, keyring or even a minifigure? 100% yes you can and we’d ask that if you want to get your BrickRunner printed then you come through us. We work with other small business and specialist companies to create our products. Just drop us an email first so we can make sure we can get BrickYou exactly how you want 🙂

Pick your illustration

Just the digital illustration, 20cm x 20cm Canvas, 30cm x 30cm Canvas, 40cm x 40cm Canvas

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